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Bridal frequently asked questions


Do I need to wash my hair?

Yes, I prefer clean, dry hair. If I want to make it “dirty” I have the correct products to achieve the look that you are going for. If you would like me to blow it out before your event it will take extra time and there will be an additional cost. 

Should I bring my veil or headpiece to the trial?

Yes. The trial is about achieving the overall silhouette of the hair. 

Should all bridesmaids be ready at start time in the morning or afternoon?

No. However, everyone’s hair type is so different. I can move more efficiently through appointments if the next bridesmaid is already waiting for me. 

Does the bride go last?

The best answer to this is the bride can go whenever the bride chooses. However, I have found in my experience it’s easier if the bride can go somewhere in the middle of the bridesmaids to relieve stress. Also, the bride’s dress is usually more complicated to put on and needs a little extra time.

Will the first bridesmaid or appointment look terrible at the end of all the other appointments?

No! When planning the timing of your event I allow extra time for the touch ups and any unexpected changes!

Do you need to know if we are doing a “first look” or photos before the ceremony?

Absolutely! This changes the timing drastically. Also, please let me know if you want your bridesmaids at your first look. It’s all about the timing.